Merry Xmas to all of our bands supporters and as a Thank You The band has placed on our website a FREE download of one of the new tunes you'll find on our new CD scheduled for release early Spring 2015. "What's it gonna be like" was written, arranged and produced by Brian and recorded by The BHB at Capp Studio's in Norwalk Ia. Steve Capp engineer.  

I am excited to  announce the newest addition to The Brian Holtz Band, lead guitarist
Grover Kirkman. Grover and the bands current lead guitarist Chris Moon have been friends and
guitar mates for a number of years and to have them both on stage together will give The BhB another dimension and afford me the opportunity to play some keyboards to enhance the bands already unique sound.
Welcome Grover, see you on the Thirsty Sportsman stage Saturday November 22nd.

The band is currently in the studio working on a new CD . Looking at an early spring release date.

Look out Waterloo...We're coming back to make some noise !  October 10 & 11 we'll be back in The Lone Wolf  at The Isle Casino. We have made some real friends here playing and you know who you are, so we will be disappointed if we don't see you and bring along more of your friends, we'd like to meet them. 
See ya soon,
Rich, Chris, Brandon & Brian

    "Cheatin Man Blues"
      (Words and music by Brian Holtz)

    Tonights the night
    and the moons shining bright
    Another night...of playing the fool
    She's bangin on the door
    She's calling out his name
    After tonight...The girl will never be the same...

    She caught him again
    She'll win then she'll lose
    Ain't nothin like um
    Ain't nothing like.........The Cheatin man blues

    Well the word on the street
    Is the boy's playin again
    She heard the news
    From a trusted old friend.......

    Special guest Jason Kipisky will be sittin in for Rich at our February 14th Daytona's show.

    The band is pretty excited these days because as you can see we have partnered with Daytona's for a Friday After Work event that will initially run every Friday in January and after those five weeks we'll sit down with Daytona's management and evaluate the events success.

    Let me tell why Daytona's was interested in this event. They as well as those of us in The BHB have heard customers and those who attend our shows say they love LIVE music but all the LIVE music in the Des Moines area doesn't start until 9pm and after working all day Friday and all week they like going to dinner then be home by 9pm. So here's what we did...The BHB will play two show's on Friday's and early show 5:30-7:30 for those folks we just talked about and a late show 9-11p for those who enjoy the late night hours. Both shows patrons will enjoy Daytona's full menu of appetizers or full course meals.
    Daytona's will also offer drink specials as well as a keg of beer to be served for free for those who get   there early. 

    So, make plans with friends, family,and co-workers to meet up at Daytona's for "Free Beer Friday's with The Brian Holtz Band". The Band is looking forward to it and we hope you are to.

    Note; February 28th.....Met with Daytona's manager Ronald Walker tonight after the show and The BHB  will continue playing Daytona's through the month of March.. Management and the band has been very pleased with the publics response to the Friday after work shows.


    The Brian Holtz Band is a part of the Iowa Music Scene (Based out of Des Moines), but its impact where ever we play is growing and evident. Our customer base for the music we play is adults 30 years old and up. Our music is R & B, Blues and 60's & 70's and all within our arrangements to make every song rhythmic and danceable.
    In the summer of 2005 Brian retired from a career in Law Enforcement. Fulfilling his dream to be a musician was the first order of business. He began teaching himself several instruments and going to every open mic and jam session he could find and during those years he became aquinted with and played with such notable Des Moines musicians as  Janey Hooper, Bob Pace, Doug Johnson, Del Jones, Steve George and George  & Gil Davis (Sumpin Do). These musicians saw a passion and strong desire in Brian and mentored him to where he is today, as the leader of his own band, The Brian Holtz Band. Brian also developed a musical relationship with Lee Bell owner of Wolfer Sound who also took on the mentor role in teaching Brian recording techniques as well as  the business side of music.

    The band was very busy during 2013 and heading into December from the phone calls and e mails that we're receiving it looks like 2014's  spring, summer and fall will be a busy one for The BHB. So, if you have an event planned and your interested in our band I would suggest you book immediately to lock in a date.  

    To Book The Brian Holtz Band contact Brian at 515-344-1183 or by email;

    The band has been very busy since spring 2013 and is one of the most musically sound and tight groups in Iowa.. 

    The bands members are Brian Holtz guitar and lead vocals, lead guitarist/background vocals Chris Moon, bass guitar Rich Snyder and Brandon Smith drums,  



    Sponsor's of The Brian Holtz Band


    What they said....          

    Jim Parker (Drummer for Tony Valdez & Sumpin Do)(Facebook Oct 5th 10:27pm) 
    "Went to the Longest Yard in WDM had a late dinner. Watched the Brian Holtz Band. Really a very good band. Go see them. Brian's a funny bastard".

    B. John Burns (Singer/Songwriter)(Facebook Oct 5th 11:17pm) "I love Brian's band. He's got his own style of music".

    Bill Clark(Facebook Oct 6th 12:pm) "Seen him at Beaverdale Fall Fest a couple times now. Good stuff!"

    Barb Baker-Miller (FaceBook March 31st Summerset Winery) "Thank you for today, You guys sounded great and please give all the guys in the band my sincere Thanks".

    Kathy McDole-Parkins (Facebook May 6th BenchWarmers Ankeny) "Some of us went to see Brian Holtz perform and he was awesome"

    Tammy Rude (Facebook May 16th/ West Des Moines Farmers Market)  "My buddy Brian Holtz and his band are entertainng the Valley Junction area today with special guest Chris Curry Harter on harmonica...Head out and catch these guys!" 

    Laurie Flemming (Facebook May 26th/Greenwood show) "I had a great time last night...WOW Go Brian! The band sounds GREAT"

    Scott Edward Davis (Facebook May 26th/Greenwood Show) "Nice job last night-enjoyed-will hear more"


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